Terms & Conditions

LWCH’s car hire services are subject to the terms below:

1. LWCH accepts credit card, debit card or cash payments made via our booking form or in person.

2. Once the payment has been cleared, you will receive a written booking confirmation from LWCH outlining the terms of your contract.

3. LWCH will draw up a contract in which you will be asked to stipulate the agreed time of arrival and pick-up point for the occasion. The vehicle will arrive at the agreed upon pick-up point prior to the arranged time. It is the clients´responsibility to ensure that the passengers are ready to depart at the hour stipulated in the contract. The duration of the car hire service will be agreed upon in the contract; should you require more time than stipulated in the contract, services may be subject to an additional charge.

4. Our experienced chauffeurs are well versed with the area and will have prepared their route to your venue prior to arrival. Bad weather conditions, road works, etc. will be taken into consideration, however, LWCH cannot be held responsible for late arrivals due to aforementioned circumstances beyond our control.

5. The client will be held responsible for any damages caused to the vehicle by guests or themselves due to unruliness or intoxication. In the case of stains or damage, a minimal charge will be made to cover cleaning costs and/or repairs. To avoid such situations, smoking and the consumption of food is strictly forbidden in our vehicles.

6. LWCH cannot be held responsible for the loss or damage of personal items left behind in our car by clients or guests. Please ensure that you and your guests have all your belongings with you upon exiting the car.

7. We reserve the rights to change or amend the terms of our contract at any time.