Don’t Forget! Important tasks you need to do after the wedding is over

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Finally, the big day of your life is over; you are proudly announced as a married couple. You are winging high, posting wedding pictures on social media and appreciating the wedding gifts received from family members & relatives. Everything seems perfect, except the unused wedding items sitting on your kitchen table that are creating a mess. So, before starting your love-life journey, there are some post-wedding tasks which you have to perform.

Love Wedding Car Hire has shared the list of the work that you need to look after before your first anniversary rolls around.

Acknowledge wedding guests with Thank-you cards: Your family has travelled with you all the way to make the wedding special. Admittedly, they adore you with timeless gifts and love. So, it is indeed sending thank you cards with notes saying that how much you love them and what they meant to you? Don’t wait long as soon as your honeymoon is over, acknowledge them with gifts and cards.

Get your wedding album ready: Though the whole world is getting digital, but it can’t steal the spark of the wedding album. Wedding albums hold its own charm; it makes your wedding day to come alive – every time you see. So, select some of the romantic pictures with your spouse and get your wedding album ready.

Get your wedding dress preserve/cleaned: Your wedding dress is one of the essential parts of the wedding. So, instead of throwing or giving it to someone else, just clean the dress nicely.

Moreover, you can use the wedding dress for future preferences like at your son’s wedding or any family gathering.

Remove the wedding website: Once your wedding is over, it is needed to take off your beautiful wedding website. Unless it makes you pay the extra cost both for their website and registry.

Return all the un-necessary wedding items: No matter how bravely you have planned your wedding? How much effort you put to set a budget, you often encounter some loopholes that may end up buying extra stuff. So, once the wedding function is over, gather all the unused items and returned it to the dealer. Or if the dealer doesn’t accept the items just pass them to other soon-to-be couples or donate them.

Go creative with the leftover wedding flowers: You choose everything lavish for the wedding, but after tying the knot, what you are supposed to do with them? You leftover with ten mason jars, shimmery glass vases, small flower pots and much more. Now, you have to be a bit creative, either you can give your living room a new sparkly look, upload them on Facebook for sale, pass them to other couple or put them in the garage. The choice is yours, but you will feel relieved once you de-cluttered. 

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