A Guide to Double-Check your wedding to-do list

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“Even though you have tasted the caterer food, signed wedding transportation contract, sealed the best flowers for the wedding decor, yet at last minute, you have to make calls to vendors to remind them to serve the best quality of everything.”

After the years and months of planning, the big day of your life is finally here. You have to set everything correctly from giving the trying the entire wedding look to find the comfortable shoes for the sister and the last, wedding registry, right? Not quite, we know the week before the wedding is likely to be tad hectic. You have to cross-check the entire wedding list and if needed, re-organise the few things. Well, not to worry, we have created a list of all the last-minute wedding to-do list, so give us a giant high-five and let’s get started!

Communicate with your vendors: To ensure everyone is on the same page. Yes, you have to call the vendors every single day to take the update for the work and a week before it is necessary to make calls to all vendors to re-confirm the order arrangements.  

  • Visit the venue to check everything in-person. Follow up with the photographer, florist and caterer.
  • Confirm the timing and chauffeur details with the wedding car hire company and assures them to decorate the vehicle with the matching flowers, only.  
  • Give the wedding venue a schedule of vendor delivery and setup times.

Assign task to appropriate people: Of course, you don’t want your caterer to call in between your make up and ask where to do the setup? To avoid this, you need a designate people to handle every type of situation including:

  • Ceremony items: If you have an Asian wedding it is must arrange everything correctly from the Roli, Chawal, Kum-kum, Sindoor, Haldi, coconut/nariyal, etc. in a proper way or if you are having a traditional Christian wedding then consider the flowers of confetti are fresh.
  • Wedding Favours: Ask any of your family members to look after the wedding gifts. Make sure no guests are going without getting the gifts.
  • Caterers: True, you cant ask caterers all the time to serve here and there. Ask an appropriate person in the family to keep an eye on them.

Take the time to pack appropriately: It’s your life biggest event, so don’t let it go like this. Take your time and pack your suitcase correctly, whether you are getting married on this isle of the beach or the other side of the road. It’s essential to pack your wedding suitcase thoughtfully and more often when you are heading right to honeymoon.

Arrange the necessary help for the guests: If you have an elderly couple at the wedding, it would be good to arrange everything perfectly for them like transportation and accommodation. You can ask family members, friends or attendants to help with any pick-ups and drop-offs.

Keep the comfortable shoes in-hand: You need a comfortable pair of shoes to keep you ready-to-dance all day. Ask any of your bridesmaids to keep the shoes in hand and once the ceremony ended grab them and dance all night.

We understand for most of the people planning a wedding is a new experience. If you are looking for an agency which can offer you Bentley, Beauford or limos, then look no further as we would do everything to make your moment memorable!

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