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Make your Wedding Cost Effective in UK

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A Wedding is generally a once in a lifetime occasion. It is an occasion you cherish all your life. Your first meeting with your husband or wife, the dating period, the entire process of the wedding arrangements, even the slips at the occasion, remain with you throughout your life. No wonder your family wants everything to be perfect at your wedding. And this is why they leave no stone unturned in the preparations, irrespective of the cost of the event. When it comes to daughters, the family, especially the father, wants to create the best-ever experience for her.

The Cost of the Wedding in the UK

The average wedding cost in the UK ranges between £10,000 to £28,000, and it is not only things like the venue, menu, dresses, and flowers but also the nitty-gritty items like cake toppers, napkins, and confetti that bring sweat to your brows. The hair and make-up only cost almost £250 and what to talk about the wedding photographer who charges no less than £500. And the wedding car hire cost is a minimum £250. But then you think about your beloved child, and you spend it. But what if we tell you that you can have a cost-effective wedding without diminishing the bright smile of your daughter?

Smart Ideas for Cost Effective Weddings

First, we must understand that cost-effectiveness is not about having a simple tasteless wedding. It means becoming more aware and thinking out of the box to cut the wastage of money. And at the same time, making it more memorable for the entire family. Here are some ways to make your wedding cost-effective –

Include your Friends and Relatives

Friends and relatives are the ones who are the soul of a wedding. The laughter and banter of loved ones raise the tempo of the entire ceremony. They feel extra special if you include them in wedding arrangements. You can ask them to create a handmade ‘Just Married’ placard or ‘flower baskets’ and ‘hair ornaments’ for flower girls. Someone can make the ‘bride’s bouquet’. Others can help in venue decoration.  It will also increase the love and camaraderie amongst the family.

Research is the Best Therapy

Research is indeed the best therapy. Today you can find any and everything online. From a wide range of venues and vendors to invitation cards and caterers, everything is available online at a wide range of prices. You can select quality products at nominal rates. You can also negotiate with dealers to get products at nominal rates. You can ask your friends to help you gain good deals. Many of your friends may be dealers of bridal wear or caterers. So there you can save big time.

Wholesalers are the best Choice

Instead of going for private florists, you can search for wholesalers. They offer quality products at nominal rates. Plus, you can get an extensive collection of flowers. Then, you can also contact your local florist for the flower arrangement to cut the cost. Who knows, they may deliver you a better deal than the private florists?

Unleash your creativity

A wedding is the best time to reveal your creative side. There are infinite things you can create yourself like the Invitation Card. This way, you can give a personal touch to your invitation card. It will also make the guests thrilled by your loving gesture. You can also become creative in designing a Return Basket to thank your guests for coming. What’s more, creating a figurine for your wedding car is a great way to make the event memorable.

Marry on a Weekday

It is perhaps the greatest idea to reduce expenditure. A wedding on a weekday can help you save a lot of money. An out-of-season wedding like January or February is also beneficial as the prices are low during this time. According to a report, you can save about £5K to £6K. A wedding on Tuesday or Wednesday is better than Saturday. So take a note before thinking of walking down the aisle.


This way, you will not only cut the cost of the wedding but also give your daughter or son some moments to cherish forever. So let there be showers of blessings and love on the special couple and fill their lives with eternal happiness.

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