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Vintage or Modern Wedding Car – What Should You Choose?

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Weddings are one of life’s most premium and exclusive events. Every aspect of it seems to be subjective to personal taste and preference, making it more intimate and unique. While everything can be directed from a personalised taste, perfect harmony seems to be similarly vital throughout the event. Talking about preferences and particularities, cars are an important element in both weddings and people’s lives. One can say that since they hold special spaces in people’s lives, it makes them more credible to be included in this once-in-a-lifetime event. 

When choosing cars, people often tend to stretch their means to opt for their dream cars or the ones that they have always fantasised about. These are either from the modern assortment of cars or from the rare vintage pearls that the classic aficionados name like days of the week. Raising the importance of individualistic desire, wedding vehicles cater to a lot more than just looks and feel. They are the royal chariot of the day and like any other motor vehicle, a certain set of checklists is demanded to be ticked for them to accustom for the day. In this blog, we will go through intensive summaries of factors that can help you make a decision when choosing between a modern and vintage car for your wedding. 

Vintage Wedding Cars

Vintage cars are luxurious vehicles with definite luxurious interiors, facilities, and seatings. Contrary to popular belief, vintage cars are noticed to produce less noise because due to their age, they are constantly taken care of. The regular maintenance and laws regarding them have laid carpets for several top-notch availability that can easily compete with modern cars out there. If you have planned your wedding in a quiet and serene atmosphere, it makes more sense to go with a vintage wedding car as not only it will enhance the overall poise of your wedding but will constitute a long-lasting impression. 

Modern Wedding Cars

Modern wedding cars are an active trend among entrepreneurs and young couples. With that said, they are not limited to any segment of people. Along with the promised comfort of their model and make, they tend to have a more refined and up-to-date element of amenities. Constant wifi, Bluetooth stereo system, and comfort utilities are a few factors that may make one lean towards hiring a modern car for their wedding day. Along with that, one has to make sure they choose their vehicle after taking notice of the terrain around their wedding venue as many modern cars and supercars are designed to operate in particular environments. 

Drawbacks of Vintage Wedding Cars

While vintage wedding cars are bound to make you stand out as they justify great taste and style. But when looking for modern facilities like active WIFI, modern sound systems, live GPS tracking, etc; one will have to swallow the hard pill as it is highly unlikely to avail all those with vintage vehicles. These are classic vehicles and the owners or organisations that care for them invest huge sums each year to keep them in their original state. 

Drawbacks of Modern Wedding Cars

It is no surprise that modern cars can easily tank up on all fuel quickly. Along with that, hiring a two-seater modern car can be a bit tricky as not many car hire companies offer their vehicles without drivers; which leaves you with fewer options to choose from in the market.

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