Six trendy winter wedding colour combo ideas

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Looking to make your winter wedding stand out?

When planning a winter wedding, it is essential to look after the signature hues of the season. No, we are not talking about the favourite colour hue of red and colour, there are some magical colours combination that leaves the guests to mesmerise. From icy blues, splashy magentas, and frosted metallics, there is an infinite number of ways to showcase winter’s full-colour range—mostly because every shade can feel wintry, in the right tone. So, get the game set, play with these magical colour combination, rightly and splash up your wedding day.

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Let’s get started!

Champagne + Wine = Exotic

Talk about unexpected! The blend of this colour combination is synonyms to a winter wedding. Rich champagne colour flats with vibrant wine dress, venue decorated with gold-hued blooms and white berries, give an ultimate winter charm to your wedding.

Red + Black = Evergreen

Evergreen, colour combination. If these two colours are put together carefully in the right manner, they glam up the entire wedding. Red stands for love and black for elegance. Moreover, ask your bridesmaids to dress up in a beautiful red dress while groomsmen in black suits. Also, ask the baker to do the combination of red and black colours icing on the cake and pick the seasonal red flowers. This dramatic colour combo would surely give your Christian wedding a classic fairytale look.

Blue + Ivory = Exquisite

With such a vibrant colour scheme, try to keep the rest of the wedding neutrals. These two colour combinations look fabulous of a stunning winter wedding; it’s an obvious choice for Asian Wedding, which never let you down. To give a royal touch add some glittery silver flowers that just lit up the wedding. Seasonal blue flowers with white roses do wondrous.

White + Olive Green = Elegant

Let your this wedding theme inspire the décor aesthetic. When your guests see the beautiful colour hue of white and olive green naturally teamed with the seasonal flowers that left mesmerising. Ask the bridesmaids to dress up in olive colours dress in a white bracelet. To give the winter wedding theme, a personal touch provides a hint of gold regarding tablecloths or vases.

Peach + Brown = Plush

Your guests would love to have a cup of hot chocolate served with fluffy pink marshmallow. Though peach and brown colour hue is not much famous as compared to other winter wedding colours combination. But it can be your next favourite colour hue for winters ahead of us. This colour blend gives the wedding a bright, vibrant look. Imagine you are arriving at the venue in a peach fall wedding dress pops against a barely-blue ice castle backdrop. Sounds exciting?

Black + White = Sumptuous

Trusted & tried by many brides. No one can ever go wrong with this sober colour hue. Elegance and refined colour blend that designed to add spark to the wedding. If you are looking for a traditional church wedding then try your hands on this in-expensive and exclusive wedding combination, that is just perfect for a beautiful winter wedding.

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