Top 5 wedding mistakes and how to avoid them

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Every bride and bridegroom wish to make their wedding a magical day. They want off charts the best wedding anyone has ever been to. Well if that is every couple dream then they should be aware of the few wedding things which are NOT supposed to do!

So before finalising the date, wedding transportation, guest list and of course, wedding cake, have a look at some of the wedding blunders that you have to avoid to make your walk smooth down the aisle by Love Wedding Car Hire

Location, Matters! Everyone loves the idea of a destination wedding. But, things can get wrong when your guests have to take a plane than the boat to arrive at your wedding location; your guests might curse you for putting them in trouble. So, before selecting the ideal place for your destination wedding, ensure there is a proper way of transportation.

Comfort is Key! Whether you are planning an outdoor, beach, boat or any fairytale wedding, ensure about all the weather-related emergencies in advance. The things to consider are bugs, humidity, mosquitoes and rain. It is the most significant day of your life and surely you don’t want your guests to shiver, sweat during the wedding. Comfort is the primary key to bring happiness and enjoyment.

Timing is Everything! To make the wedding things ran smoothly start the preparation months ago. Coordinate with your wedding planner, book the venue in advance, hire a professional toastmaster team, get a trail of your wedding dresses and more. No matter what your relative or friends say but if you don’t want to crack your butts than start planning early.

Happy Holidays: Holiday weddings are big-to-do! Not only for the bride and bridegroom but also for the guests. At holiday season, there are big chances of getting discounts and offers. Moreover, at Christmas and New Year time churches and hotels get decorated with beautiful flowers and lights. This will make you save a bit of decoration.

A suitable way of transportation: While researching for the wedding venue make sure that nearest obstruction may be behind you or above you! Is your desired wedding location can be reachable by plane, vehicle or plane? There are many of these questions which you have to take care of while selecting the wedding venue to avoid distractions.

Have fun! A wedding is one of the unforgettable essences of one’s life. Make your wedding memorable by hiring luxurious wedding transportation like BentleyBeauford or Limousine and make your guests remember your wedding for many years to come. We understand for most of the people planning a wedding is a new experience.

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